It is the 18th of June 2017 as I am writing this.

My general feeling is quite good.

Today my friend came over and we did various things.

First of all we watched the first half of Phantom of the Opera (2004.) We weren’t really paying attention to it though.

Second we watched some Zero Punctuation videos, quite fun!

Then we played “Resident Evil Chronicles” on the Wii, a sort of mediocre rail shooter in the RE universe. Not really recommended though!

Then we watched “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.” What a mess of a movie. It was just all sorts of ridiculous that I have to believe was made to be funny.

I’m quite bitter about the fact that it’s Summer and its getting quite hot. Gross!

My organ practice for the day mainly revolved around All Offerotorio in C major by Zipoli, I was practicing get at least one section up to tempo (~100 BPM) and that went decently I guess.

I can physically play the part at that speed, but it takes me playing at a slower tempo at first and then building my way up to the correct tempo.

I’m beginning to lose my patience with! They’ve been taking quite a long time to ship my Purple UMC hymnal, I probably should’ve paid the extra couple of dollars for faster shipping ;_;.

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about gutting the old Yamaha organ and just putting some MIDI keyboards in there, I haven’t turned the thing on since I started using GrandOrgue reguarly.

My only justifaction for not gutting it is the fact that it still makes for a cool sounding synthesizer. Only problem with that is I can just use various free synths on my computer which I can make sound exactly like it.

Oh well.

thank you for reading.