Time of writing June 21 2017

Current feeling: Tired, but okay

Yesterday was a fun day, I ended up going to Eugene to pick a Cobalt Flux DDR pad for $50! It came with a free PS2 slim as well!

I also ended up gettign a second keyboard to act as the swell for my GrandOrgue setup. I spent $35 on a 4 octave keyboard, and it works fine!

I’ve really enjoyed reading (through Google translate) the websites / blog of two old Japanese men who began self teaching themselves their instrument of choise in their 40s!

One of them being Hideki Sato, a Japanese man who about 2 years ago decided he was going to teach himself how to play piano. Then he found about Hauptwerk in October of 2016 and started obsessing over it. His story is a story of inspiration.

It causes some self reflection for where I am with abilities as an organist. I would like to think that where I am is extremely well for how long I’ve been taking lessons (although I have no way of actually testing that or not) and it makes me wonder if I actually going to be able to do this as a job.

Like would I be able to get a job as a church organist when I’m in my 20s? Will I be able to major in pipe organ performance when I’m in university? These are things that I just do not know the answer to, I will only know as time passes.

I at least know that there are other things which I would be happy doing as a job, like perhaps being a music teacher in public school or something like that

Maybe I’ll still be crap at organ in a few years and I’m not talented enough to do it as a major, but I would still probably be okay doing something like a music theory major, or Euphonium performance, maybe composition.

Its at least good to know that I’m not going to be sad if I can’t end up making a living playing the organ.

Speaking of that, my purple hymnal is finally in Washington. It took like 4 days for DHL to give any resemblance of an update for where the hell it was… I think I’ll only complain now if it gets here AFTER the 24th; when my next organ lesson is.

thank you for reading.