It has been close to a week since my last organ lesson, and at that organ lesson we looked at hymns for the first time! My teacher gave me a pretty fast run through of how hymns should be played in a church service, thhings like how to instroduce to hymn, registrations, voicings, etc.

I was given one hymn to work over the next two weeks: #95 in the UMC, “Praise God for Whom All Blessings Flow”. It’s apparently a very common doxology.

As of writing I’ve got about the first “breath” of music done (as in, how long until a singer will probably have to breath in the song) and the most difficult thing I’ve had with deal with in what figuring out and playing the alto and tenor voices in differnet hands. What I’ve been doing is playing the alto in the left hand with its a Bnat, and in the right hand when it’s a D. Doing it this way makes the most sense to me, as it allows me to have my hands in the same position for most of it.

Over the last 4 or so days two things has occured. 1.) I’ve been waking up a really consistent time. Amazing! 2.) I’ve played a disgusting amount of Left 4 Dead 2, and I’ve met a couple of new friends to play with.

I also went to a tea shop in Eugene, I’ve been aware of its existence for a while but I only went into it before it had closed on Sunday earlier this week. I ordered a cup of Hojicha while I was there, and it was really good! I also bought a nice white tea cup while I was there.

And earlier that day I accidentally bought a Gluten Free pizza from my favorite pizza place in Eugene, when I was waiting for it to be made I was sort of feeling like I had made a really bad decision. I actually preferred the gluten free crust than their regular crust. Weird how these sorts of situations occur, huh?

Thank you for reading.