Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog, and there’s no real reason for that. Here are somethings about my life that has happened since I last wrote on this website.

I finally finished working on a piece! I actually am able to play All Offertorio by Domenico Zipoli all the way through! It feels really good to actually be able to play a piece all of the way through, which is something that I’ve never done in the past.

I also learned the hymn “Abide With Me” all of the way through, which is the first multi-verse hymn I can play through.

I’ve also gotten quite a bit better at sightreading since I last posted, I can sightread through a (simple-ish) hymn in SB on the manuals. Soon I want to start working on sightreading playing B in the pedals and S in the manuals. And if I can get proficient at that, then I would like to add in the Tenor line (because its in the left hand) and then eventually Alto.

I have started to research more on Renaissance organ music and performance. Renaissance organs all have really small and cute pedalboards!

In a few weeks I start college, and I’m majoring in music. Which brings me too a major piece of thinking I’ve had to deal with recently.

Originally I was going to audition for the Oregon State University concert band, but after some thinking I decided that this was against my own interests. You see, I want to become an organist, so I should logically try to put a lot of time and energy into practicing the organ, right? And IF I was to get into to one of the concert bands, I would have to put a lot energy into practicing the concert band music, thus taking away time from the organ!

This was a decision is based off of my priorities that I want later in my life, and a big priority is the organ.

So without joining band, to get a music degree I need to join the choir at the college I’m going too. The only experience I’ve ever had with being in a choir was in like the second grade where we sang some Christmas songs or something like that. So I’m completely clueless when it comes to singing in an ensemble, so it will be a learning experience, to say the least.

I at least won’t be at it alone! My best friend is also joining, and we sing the same range as well, so it will probably be a really fun expereince to learn it with him.

Also for my music major, I need to take a year of piano lessons. Luckily my organ teacher also teachers piano at the college, so I’ll just take those with him!

I went hiking for the first time last week, and I absolutely loved it.

And lastly, I’ve started playing a bunch of overwatch! Fun game.