hello, my name is jaysen st onge and i live in the beautiful state of oregon. i'm a christian and a plain dressing, conservative quaker and i am affiliated with ohio yearly meeting. because of my witness as a christian, i am a pacifist in university i studied music and folklore. i have research published in the American Organist. currently i'm considering applying for graduate programs either in folklore or musicology.

i enjoy romantic organ music, and romantic interpretations of organ music.

i am married to my wife, Patricia.

i used ot have pictures of myself on this website, but after some consideration it seems to be better to not. i'm also primarily using a text browser and command line interface, so i can't see them anyway.

thank you for reading this website.

please consider reading some of my other writings.

A History of Left Footed Organ Playing (originally published in the American Organist, March 2022)